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LEDshine, your reliable partner in LED

In the rapidly changing world we are happy to be your reliable partner. Eversince 2006 we develop, engineer, manufacture and sell various high quality LED solutions. And we will continue to do so for many years to come. We do hope our renewed website will give you even better understanding about our capabilities. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your projects and the applicability of our products. We are confident we will be able to assist you.

Serving our customers and thus creating a better sustainable environment is the primary focus of our company. LEDshine, your partner for sustainable and quality LED solutions.

Quick project overview

Below some of the projects of the past few years in which LEDshine has succesfully exchanged the traditional lighting into innovative and cost reducing LED lighting. For more info please visit our project pages.

April 2018: LEDshine has completed the renovation of the office of consultancy firm DGMR in The Hague, The Netherlands. Approx 300 downlights of 10 and 18 watt replaced the traditional FL downlights. This reduced energie energy consumption with approx 60 %. Installation activities were done by KR Totaaltechniek.

April 2018: LEDshine has completed the renovation of the warehouse of Schotpoort Connect in Breukelen, close to Amsterdam, NL. The 300 meter of lineair LED flexline have been installed. Using sensors and DALI protocol the warehouse consumes approx. 75 % less energy. Installation works were done by Boks Elektra.


March 2018 : LEDshine has completed the renovation of all public lights in the residential Apartment Building "Schoolstraat" owned by Vesteda Properties in Tilburg, The Netherlands. In this 5 - 14 stories building the lights in all entrances, corridors, stairways and cellar have been replaced by LED equivalent alternatives.

Nov 2017 : LEDshine has been commissioned by KR Elektrotechniek to supply LED lamps for the renovation of Deloitte's office in Breda. The renovation will be completed by 2017

Sept 2017: On behalf of WSI Installatietechniek from The Netherlands, LEDshine has provided custom sized LED panels and downlights for the Faculty of Economy & Management of the Arnhem-Nijmegen University. The project is part of a phased renovation of various faculties of the HAN. Previously LEDshine has already supplied LED products for the renovation of other parts of this university.

Dec 2017: Just before the 2017 Christmas holiday season we were able to deliver a high quality DALI driven Lineair light illumination for the Central warehouse of Brezan in The Netherlands. Brezan is the market leader in automotive parts. The installation was done by KR Totaaltechniek.

July 2017 : LEDshine has been awarded by Curacao based installation contractor Kilowatt, the project for the transition of all traditional illumination to LED at the Royal Dutch Navy base at the Island of Curacao, one of the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean.

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