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LED Downlight

The LED Downlight built-in LS-DLIX-Space series is a State-of-the-Art series of downlights. Standard available in 10 and 20 watt. Other wattages on request.

The standard cut-out size is 210 mm. Other cut-out sizes available on request.
Downlights are traditionally used in many shapes and sizes. In almost all cases it concerns a luminaire (reflector) with one or more energy-saving lamps (PL-Cs).
The LED Downlights developed by LEDshine are fully-fledged replacements of the traditional Downlights. The energy consumption is usually less than 50% of the consumption of traditional downlights with fluorescent lamps. LEDshine Downlights are available in 2 standard color temperatures, 3000K and 4000K, and due to diffuse optics, the light is distributed evenly and quiet.
LEDshine Downlights can also be supplied with an "external" high quality battery pack for emergency lighting. The battery pack (EL-3) ensures that the LED Downlight stays up to 50% of its capacity for up to 3 hours at the time of power failure.




  • Very high light output

  • Aesthetically high quality light solution

  • Very energy efficient

  • Very long service life

  • No ultraviolet and infrared radiation

  • Shock and vibration resistant

  • Much less maintenance

  • Flicker-free driver technology

Applicable areas

  • Offices

  • Schools

  • Retail

  • Hospitals

  • Care centers

  • Public buildings

Please contact us for the latest technical specs.