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LED Flexline

The LEDshine Flexline series is a highly innovative lineair light system. This modular system can be applied in factories, offices with high ceilings and warehouses.

The modular units of 1 meter length each can be supplied with various applications such as LED modules, sensors, powerpacks etc..

Depending on the specific requirements of the location the lights can be switched on/off in various configurations. By means of using motion sensors, the lights can optional also be dimmed for further energy consumption reduction.

These Flexlines are available in 3000 and 4000 Kelvin. Wattage vary between ... and ... watt per unit of 1 meter.


The LEDshine LED Flexline M40 is  a modular and flexible lightweight system that can be deployed in many applications.
 The system is available in different power (16W - 80W) and lengths. With 6 different lens optics, a customized lens line is possible for each application area. Between warehouse positions an optimum light distribution can be achieved i.c.m. a deep-radiant lens optic. For large production areas, wide-beam lens optics are the best choice to achieve the desired amount of light on the floor, coupled with high uniformity and low UGR value.
The LED Flexline can be supplied with a 1-10V or DALI dimming system. Together with the integrated motion sensors, optimal energy savings can be realized quickly and easily.
It is also possible to equip the lighting with decentralized emergency supply (EL-1 or EL-2).




  • High degree of flexibility

  • Very high light output

  • Aesthetically high quality light solution

  • Very energy efficient

  • Very long service life (50.000+)

  • No ultraviolet and infrared radiation

  • Shock and vibration resistant

  • Balanced design possible (IK08)

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Limited maintenance

Applicable areas

  • Warehouses

  • High ceiling offices

  • Gyms

Please contact us for latest technical specs.